Babcock Ranch Closer to Reality

11.05.2016 in Area News, Events






A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the long awaited unveiling of the Babcock Ranch Project in southeastern Charlotte County. Babcock Ranch has been in the planning stages for ten years, and is finally moving forward with construction of the first 1000 homes over the next year. This project involves the development of a new entirely green city on 18,000 acres which will be powered by a 443 acre solar field. Eventually this totally self-contained community will include 19,500 green certified homes, 6 million square feet of commercial space & 50 miles of recreational trails. The launching of this project was delayed for many years until it was anticipated to have the potential for success1910Babcock Ranch - Phase 1 Overview-1
Babcock Ranch - Phase 1 Overview-2

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New Library Wants Input!

11.01.2016 in Area News, Events

Punta Gorda is getting a new library and archives, and needs input from the community. Here’s the details of the public meeting.

What: Public input meeting for new South County Library and Archives

When: 4 to 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan 14

Where: Charlotte Harbor Event &  Conference Center, 75 Taylor St., Punta Gorda

Here is a picture of the location of the new site–pretty close to the old library–near the History Park and Dog Park.

There is more information on my Facebook page

library site


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Clydesdales Coming to Town!

16.11.2015 in Area News, Events


In Downtown Punta Gorda, Wednesday, November 18   1pm-3pm, 

The Route:

  1. City Market place to US41 North
  2. US41 N past Wyvern to Nesbit, to Laishley Crab House
  3. Laishley Crab House to Nesbit to Marion
  4. Marion to Harvey to Retta to Hurricane Charley’s
  5. Hurricane Charley’s to Retta, cross US41S and head to Four Points lawn
  6. Photo op at lawn
  7. Exit Fourpoints and take US41N (under escort) to City Market Place.


Bring the whole family and enjoy these Beautiful Famous Horses!!  Make sure you visit the lawn at the Tikki bar for some great photo opportunities.

The parade will set off shortly after 1pm and will end at the Tikki bar lawn.

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Aviation Training in Punta Gorda Gets Closer

14.10.2015 in Events

wm aviation

Western Michigan University has a College of Aviation in Battle Creek. The school’s plan is to “operate a second aviation program for international and local domestic students in Punta Gorda.”  The school is going to pursue its license after spending many months considering whether to bring an aviation program to Charlotte County. Their board of trustees has just given the university permission to pursue this option.

Click here to read the entire story.

Punta Gorda Aviation Education

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