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Burnt Store Road Widening Coming Closer

27.06.2016 in Area News

The widening of Burnt Store Road in Charlotte County got a strong boost this week by the county commission. The Charlotte Sun Newspaper’s Gary Roberts construction guyreported this in the Wednesday, June 23, 2016 edition. The financing for the project is complicated, but the county is looking at this project as a high priority; GREAT NEWS for the Burnt Store Corridor. Here is the relevant section of the article.

“— Charlotte commissioners have endorsed a strategy to fund top-priority capital projects through 2021, aided significantly by a revamped justice center expansion plan.

In identifying needs that are both urgent and doable over the next five years, county officials pared down transportation and facilities projects to a manageable number. “We believe we have found a way to solve the funding portion,” County Administrator Ray Sandrock said at Tuesday’s County Commission workshop.

While the county is ready to spend $38 million on widening the final section of Burnt Store Road, improvements have been delayed for Sandhill Boulevard and Kings Highway, from Interstate 75 to the DeSoto County line. In their place is $1.5 million to extend planned Olean Boulevard improvements from U.S. 41 all the way to Easy Street and $6 million for more sidewalks.

To pay for these projects, commissioners opted to avoid implementing a tax hike — such as dedicating new millage for roads or increasing impact fees from the current 40 percent rate to 100 percent — and instead will borrow against their own reserves, with gas taxes eventually reimbursing the county.”


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What’s going on with Burnt Store Road?!

30.04.2014 in Area News

We’ve all seen it… the speed limit has dropped to 45, there are trucks and heavy machinery on either side of Burnt Store road, busy at work. Many people wonder- “What’s going on with Burnt Store Road?”

Burnt store road constructionMost of us already know that Burnt Store Road is in the works to become a 4-lane divided road. There are plans for street lighting, aswell as 6′ sidewalks on both sides of the road. Perfect for riding bikes through the corridor!

Currently, they are in Phase 3 of the construction project. This includes removing shrubs, trees, signs, and anything else in the right of way. Two-foot high erosion control plastic screens have been installed on either side of the road, and the contractors shall soon install all the new utility lines along the east of the road.

So when is this project expected to be completed? The completion date is estimated at September of 2015, which is subject to change. Drive safely and watch out for construction vehicles!



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