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What’s going on with Burnt Store Road?!

30.04.2014 in Area News

We’ve all seen it… the speed limit has dropped to 45, there are trucks and heavy machinery on either side of Burnt Store road, busy at work. Many people wonder- “What’s going on with Burnt Store Road?”

Burnt store road constructionMost of us already know that Burnt Store Road is in the works to become a 4-lane divided road. There are plans for street lighting, aswell as 6′ sidewalks on both sides of the road. Perfect for riding bikes through the corridor!

Currently, they are in Phase 3 of the construction project. This includes removing shrubs, trees, signs, and anything else in the right of way. Two-foot high erosion control plastic screens have been installed on either side of the road, and the contractors shall soon install all the new utility lines along the east of the road.

So when is this project expected to be completed? The completion date is estimated at September of 2015, which is subject to change. Drive safely and watch out for construction vehicles!



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